Monday, June 2, 2008

Good weekend

Last weekend was a good weekend. We got to spend lots of that "good, quality family time" together. You may have heard of it. Unfortunately with the pace that life runs at, it's easy to forget to stop and just hang out and have fun together.

Saturday, I met some of my ham radio friends out at Heather Farms Park in Walnut Creek for an initial survey of what will be our site for Field Day. It wasn't easy since the Walnut Creek Arts and Wine festival was parked directly on top of where we are going to set up. There's lots fo trees for shade and antenna wire, lots of room for camping and we're right next to the playground which will be good for public exposure, but less than ideal for noise levels. This looks like it will be a much better site than up on top of Mount Diablo as far as community interaction goes.

Beth, Nick and I went to the Arts and Wine festival on Sunday. We looked at art, saw some wine (Beth can't drink it. We think she's allergic to sulfur) and let Nicky play on the blow-up jungle gym and jumpy house. He also let me know that he wanted to "head over that way for a minute" to look at the cars. (...the things they pick up!)

It's so great to see him feeling so well. I'm glad that we got his surgery done when we did. I didn't realize how much his hernia was slowing him down. Looking back, it was probably bothering him long before we even suspected something was wrong. It makes me so happy to see him running and climbing and jumping with all the other kids.

Unfortunately we didn't have the camera with us. It's still hiding at Beth's work somewhere (I hope!).

Next weekend: Camping! Pictures to follow.

Last Friday's fortune cookie advises: "If you want to get a sure crop with a big yield, sow wild oats." (But Honey, my fortune cookie said to. Yeah, RIGHT!)

Saturday's: "Be cautious in your financial dealings." (Yes, Dear.)

Last Tuesday's: "Advice given to you will be well worth following." (My Mom used to tell me to go play in traffic. I'll pass.)

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Beth D. said...

Thanks for taking us! Nick had so much fun in the monkey jumpy house!