Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I survived...

I survived watching a whole episode of "I Survived a Japanese Game Show."  Honestly, I don't know how.  Or for that matter why.

I guess it was the same sort of morbid fascination that we all have when we pass an accident on the freeway.  You know the kind:  You're stuck in traffic for hours (more like five minutes, but it seems like hours when you're there), getting grumpy and thinking to yourself, "C'mon people.  It's an accident.  Quite looking and drive!"  Then when it's your turn to pass, you find yourself drawn to it.  You have to look.  Your frustration comes to a head when you realize that it's nothing more than a flat tire, there's no gory mess to make you gag, and there's no longer anyone ahead of you and that you've just become one more rubbernecker that's making the freeway look like a parking lot.

It was like that.

I hate "reality" shows.  I've never watched a full episode of Survivor or Big Brother.

Japanese game shows get to me too.  Added to the fact that I don't understand the Japanese language, I also fail to understand why they dress up like chickens or babies and run around falling all over themselves while the host screams like he just got bit in the butt by a rabid dog.

This show combines the worst of both.  You end up having American constestants dressed up like babies (diapers, bibs and all) running around like morons while the host screams in a language they don't understand.  Then when they're done with the game show part, they go back to their living quarters and whine about how great they are individually, but how bad everyone else on their team sucks, before they kick their best teammate out of the game.

The Japanese have an amazing culture, a colorful history and a beautiful country.  For their sake though, someone needs to mount some sort of raid by an elite covert military group to remove all video cameras from the country.  Forcefully if necessary.  For their own good.

I should get some sort of prize for making it through the whole episode.  I didn't even gag.

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