Friday, July 18, 2008

protest chants

Yesterday a couple friends and I went to Lucky & Lucky (Chinese, surprised?) for lunch.  Directly across the street is the main office for the University of CA.  The maintenance people are outside on strike.  I honestly couldn't tell what for though.

There was the obligatory call and answer chants being lead by someone with a megaphone.  What I heard went something like this:

"Mmhhmmfhala lada bladador!"

"We want Jews!"

Now, the croud was shouting, so they may have been thirsty and I didn't see any iron crosses or swastikas, so they may have been shouting "We want juice," but that's not what it sounded like.

I have nothing against voicing your opinion and making known unfair working conditions.  After all, that's what this country is about:  freedom and rights. 

All I'm saying is that if you're going to protest and have a mass group chant, you need to have a spotter.  Someone who can walk down the street a couple hundred yards or so and come back to tell you "We really need to change this up or we're not going to get a pay raise, we're going to get rabbis and yalmukas."

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