Monday, September 15, 2008


I'm sitting here at my parents' house patiently (yeah, right!) waiting for UPS to arrive. I'm stting at the counter/bar in sight of the window, reading through the "Our Collective Wisdom" articles on the website.

The agony is this: I checked the UPS website this morning and it informed me that my package is "Out for Delivery." Next door to my parents' house a lady runs an afternoon program for developmentally disabled kids. Each day school busses come and drop kids off in the early afternoon and a few come back by later to pick them up and take them home. The agony is caused by the fact that those busses sound similar enough to a UPS truck that I find myself glancing out the window every few minutes. It's like I'm watching a very slow tennis game, and frankly, my neck is getting tired.

Another bus just.... no... it's a big brown van.

Now I have to contain myself and not rush the driver...

Ding Dong!

It's mine! My precious.....

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Meemer said...

i miss you! i can't log in to my account because tis keyboard is missing a key. So i will post under tis sudonim. I miss you and love you and can't wait to come ome to you!
Love, your wife.