Friday, September 12, 2008

tomorrow, tomorrow, I'll love ya....

I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve.

I remember watching the news track Santa as he flew across the country, coming ever closer. Now there's a website that you can track him on and see his exact location plotted using the wonderful technology afforded us by the GPS system.

Every chance I get I've been checking the progress of my package as it travels across the country in the back of a big brown truck. Unfortunately, UPS isn't as exacting as the people who planted the GPS tracking system on Santa's sleigh. The last entry was three days ago when it left Texas. Oh, they assure me that it's "In Transit" and "On Time."

Honestly though, I was hoping for "Delivered Surprisingly Early."

Oh well. I guess this gives me time to get cookies and milk ready for the UPS delivery person. I just hope they don't try to land the truck on the roof.

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~Beth D. said...

Don't fret, my love, it will be here soon!