Tuesday, January 6, 2009

No life... no inspiration. :(

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I've been wanting to redo my blog for a while. I want to design it myself, not use someone else's template. No matter how cool the template is, it's still someone else's.

The problem is that I'm still unemployed and am in a real slump right now. I spend my days hanging out with Nick, looking for work and playing World of Warcraft. We're down to only one car and Beth needs that for work. I've tried dropping her off and picking her up but that doesn't really leave time to do anything. Basically it's drop Beth of by 12, get some lunch, get Nick down for a nap, snacks after nap, then leave by 6:15 to fight the commute traffic to pick Beth up from work at 7. Not to mention that we end up spending twice as much on gas for little to no return.

Being stuck at home, watching Transformers or Herbie Fully Loaded for the seven hundredth time gives little in the way of inspiration. Maybe Nicky and Daddy can use old BART tickets and ride the train sometime this week. There's no place in particular to go, and we don't really have any money to do anything when we get there, but who knows... At least Nick will get to ride the train.

The only thing that would put a damper on an outing like that is the weather. Unlike New York and places back east where it's freezing cold and iced over, California winters are wet. It's not just bundling up in somethin warm, but you have to make sure that you're dry. Maybe we'll go to San Francisco to get an umbrella for Nick. It might not be the most sensible of outings, but at least it's a reason and a destination. I think I'll take the video camera and see what I get.

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lzzrdlips said...

I'm thinking take BART to SF and go to Golden Gate Park or Pier 39 or something. Just make it an adventure. You never know what you will find...It's supposed to be sunny on Friday!!

~Beth D. said...

I'll try to be more of an inspiration!