Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Web star Andrew Zilch missing!

Rising web star, Andrew Zilch went missing this evening around 9 p.m., shortly after posting the following message via twitter:
Homeless "prophet" just told me to "watch it, there's going to be trouble tonight." If this is my last ever tweet, I loved you all.

Several attempts were made to contact the unnamed homeless "prophet," but after interviewing no less than ten messiahs, three reincarnations of Ghandi and one naked hippie, no leads were uncovered.

Zilch gained his fame portraying several characters on several webseries shows including runawaybox's "Elevator," "Man in the box" and his own YouTube channel "ZilchZone." Investigations are rapidly closing in on suspects, including some cast members of the runawaybox troupe and television host Stephen Colbert whom Zilch has recently publicly admonished for unethical treatment of Ewoks.

Andrew... Marty... We've loved you too and pray foryour safe return.

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