Monday, June 1, 2009


Beth and I had a date-day on Saturday. Grandma kidnapped Nick after taking us to the Farmer's Market (and buying us all kinds of goodies!) and I decided that we'd take advantage of it... A movie... dinner... shopping... She deserved it. I think that she enjoyed it just a little bit too. :) I know I did.

We went to see Pixar's new film, "Up" in "Disney 3-D" (which to me looks a LOT like everyone else's 3-D, but who am I to judge?). I decided that no matter how cool it was to have things flying off of the screen and land in your lap, it was extremely UNcool for them to make you wear glasses and then make you cry in them at least three times.

Yeah, I know I'm a softie and I cry at movies, but if you don't sniffle at least twice, you're heart is at least ten sizes too small. The worst part of it was that just as you get dird up and your glasses cleaned off, they started back into the sniffle-inducing stuff again.

I think they planned for it though. I noticed that the shots that most of the audience would be busy wiping down their lenses were relatively flat, meaning that you were able to see just fine without the glasses. I doubt that was a coinsidense. Thank you Pixar for that at least.

Was the movie good? Of course it was. Pixar has done nothing if they've not produced excellent films. Every one raising the bar just that much higher. Beth pointed out that there was about 10 minutes early in the film with no dialog at all. What was amazing was that the audience was so enraptured by the performance on the screen that even the kids in the theatre were absolutely silent. Awesome.

As for our date: Mushy movie, dinner at a salad restaraunt (yes, that's all they make), time spent shopping (or zoning in the chair waiting, as the case was for me)... I'm glad we got to do it, salad and all.

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