Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Getting older... and noticing it.

I was talking to a friend here at work today and he'd mentioned that he can't play Guitar Hero. "There's too many buttons," he said. We all agreed: all was good in the day of "up, up, down, down, up, up, down, down, A, B, A, B. Start." Guitar Hero gives you different buttons for each of your four different fingers... The X-Box gives you like a hundred buttons plus three joystick-style controllers... When is it going to stop?

My buddy said "I guess I'm getting to that age where video games are getting to be too difficult..."

That got me thinking: "What are the things that make us stop and think, 'Man, I'm getting to be one of those old people who I used to make fun of?'"

I've always been crotchety before my time when it comes to "those darn kids with that infernal racket that they call music." It annoys me to no end when I can't hear my television or the music I'm playing on my house stereo over someone's car when they drive by.

Same goes for Harley Davidson (or similar) motorcycles. "Put a muffler on it for Pete's sake!"

Sagging pants? "When are the kids these days going to learn to dress themselves?"

The list keeps getting longer as time goes on. Soon enough I'm going to be yelling things like "Get off my lawn!" or "Get a hair cut you hippie!" After that comes shorts with black socks and sandals. I'm sure of it.

What do you find yourself doing that makes you stop and wonder "When did I become a cranky old man/woman?"


lzzrdlips said...

I just feel old when I see kids wearing the same awful clothes I wore as a kid. Skinny jeans? Really? Look at pictures from the 80's kids. They're NOT attractive unless you are....get this....skinny! Super skinny!

Other than that, I must say, yes, you are a crotchety old man! And have you played with a Wii yet? Soooo much more fun that I thought it would be. And I only played tennis!

adiaspeer said...

that's funny... Chris and i talk about this all the time. especially when it comes to music. when did we stop being cool?? maybe the kids did it to us. yep i blame them!

Beth D. said...

It's only fair to blame our kids. they will inevitably blame us for all the wrong choices they will make in their lives.

Beth D. said...
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