Monday, October 13, 2008

Pic of me on our website, explained

In the picture of me on our family website, I'm wearing the CPAP mask that I sleep in. It's hard to really see in that pic, but it's solid plastic and covers both my mouth and nose and has a double strap that connects in the back. As cumbersome as it sounds and looks, it's actually not that bad to wear.

The part that touches my face is a super-thin silicone skirt. The idea is similar to the skirt of a hovercraft in that the air pressure creates the cushion and therefore also the seal. So basically, I sleep with a tiny hovercraft on my face all night.

Of course, since it's made of silicone and is soft and squishy, it's also similar to a fake boob.

While one description will make people scratch their heads in puzzlement, the other will win me the admiration of men the world around. Take your pick. Just don't blame me for your choice.


lzzrdlips said...

Haha! I read "CRAP" mask...I was disappointed when I realized the "R" was a "P". Just another indication that, no, I never will grow up.

~Beth D. said...

"it's also similar to a fake boob." Please explain to me when you touched a fake boob so I can forgive you... :)

~rob said...

I should have clarified... "It's also similar to a fake boob. ...or so I've heard."