Friday, October 10, 2008

Scarcity of posts

Yeah, I've been slacking and not posting anything new.

There's a reason for that though. There's not really much new to post. Not until today that is...

I've been trying to put together a graphic design portfolio so I can get a job doing what I like doing (and invested some big money in for school).

Since I've been away from design for the last few years, I have nothing current to show and all my stuff from school is packed in a box that's buried somewhere in our storage closet. That means that I have to start from scratch. Unfortunately that also meant that I had to build a new computer to replace the ancient one that blew up on me some time last May, so it was more like starting before scratch. Fortunately, my parents were generous enough to lend me a little money to put together a modest computer to get started. (Thank you!)

So, I have a computer, now I need to have the all-defining Web Presence. While browsing through the Photoshop blogs that I read, I ran across this tutorial that sparked an idea: Wouldn't it be fun to do a comic book cover for a home page?

The page is still in its rough-in stage. There's not much on it yet other than links to our blogs and a Pay-Pal link (why not?). Right now, the URL is terrible. I'm going to get a TinyURL to make it easier to remember. After all, if I can't remember it, how is anyone else supposed to?

Right now, the page is here. Bookmark it because I don't know if I'll ever be able to find the link again myself. I'll post the new-and-improved, easy to remember link as soon as I get it set up.

Comment and let me know what you think!


lzzrdlips said...

I'm slightly frightened by your picture. You look a bit like Hannibal Lecter! The picture of Nick is perfect though! haha!

Good colors and I like the title.

Aren't I a Davis?

~Beth D. said...

I like it! Lookin' good.

adiaspeer said...

i love it, cool theme!