Thursday, May 28, 2009

An update of sorts

So, I've decided that since not much has been happening, I'll share it with you. Boy, aren't you the lucky one?

On the job front:
I'm still unemployed. I applied with Antioch PD for the position of Police Dispatcher 1, passed the POST test and moved into the second phase of hiring, the oral board. In the same letter that I received that information, they notified me that though I had done good up to that point, they were unfortunately no longer hiring due to the budget crisis. Thanks and have a nice day.

I applied with the local plumbers' union and took their aptitude test. I've gotten word back from them informing me that I've passed and they will be contacting me for an interview. Eventually. Word I got from my wife yesterday was that one of her student's fathers works for the union... or did when there was work. He's not working right now either.

Oh, and Beth's job is tenuous as well. If business doesn't pick up, they may be closing their doors. Wonderful news, no? :/

On the home front:
Nick turned 4 just over a week ago and boy, is he proud of it. He tells everybody. Everybody. We were in the store earlier today and as we were walking away from the cashier he ran back just to let her know, "I'm four!" What's funny is that not thirty seconds ago when she was talking to him, asking him his name, he was too shy to respond to her. Apparently it doesn't matter who he is, but he's four!

We moved to Brentwood about two months ago. No, not OJ's Brentwood. That's actually just a subdivision in Los Angeles. We're in the real Brentwood, CA. Right about here. It's hot, there's no Mercedes parked in any of the driveways and nobody has a gardener... Definately not OJ's Brentwood.

So, what's next?
Prayer, and lots of it. We're praying for work and a vehicle for me, continued work for Beth and a good daycare for Nick when we need it.

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~Beth D. said...

Prayer is continuous. I know that God hears because when I forgot to ask out loud for His care and assistance, He still answers. I don't always like the answer, but as we seek Him with our heart and soul, hopefully our desires will match up with his and we'll have less disappointment and more rejoicing in his provisions.

I love you.