Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A couple of pictures

No pictures yet? Aren't they required in a blog?

Sure thing, but remember, you asked.

Apparently the best place to sit is either on the back of the couch or on top of Mommy and Daddy's headboard. Since the back of the couch is strictly off-limits, the headboard will have to do for a quick minute of relaxation. Less than two weeks from now, Nick will be three. I can remember the first pictures I took of Nick and Mommy asleep on the couch after bringing him home for the first time. I didn't want to wake them up, so I set for a four second exposure to compensate for the extremely low light. I spent over an hour getting it just right. Now it's impossible to get him to sit still for four seconds!

My soon-to-be-former cube. A week ago it was the cleanest cube in the office. Now that I have to have everything packed and moved by this afternoon, it looks like this. It's 1:30pm and the last 20 minutes that I have spent actually in my cube is the longest length of time I've been able to do so today.

Two promotions in my office have lead to moving six people to different offices and cubes. The three office moves of the senior managers isn't really a problem. They're all away this week at a meeting and my responsibility only entails phones and computers. To move the three people (including myself) that are going from one cube to another involves good timing. We're basically rotating cubes, me to Mary's, Mary to Norene's and Norene to mine. While Norene is ready to go, I've not had a chance to pack a single thing, and the last I asked Mary about her status, she just laughed. At least I'm not that far behind the curve!

Nicky and Daddy being silly. There's nothing more wonderful than the laughter of your child. I find I'm willing to endure a lot of pain for that laugh. I'll probably lose my voice at some point from growling and making raspy voices. I guess I'll have to resort to hitting myself on the head with his Nerf bat at that point.

Wait... I do that already.

(Yes, I was in desparate need of a haircut and a shave when this picture was taken. I've visited the barber since then, so I'm a bit more presentable. I need another shave again though.)

That's all for now. I'll probably have more this evening.

(After posting I noticed that the formatting sucks. I'll try to remember to try to fix this. [Did you catch the loophole I left for myself there?] Large pics and left justtificaiton don't play well together.)


adiaspeer said...

YEA for pictures!! gosh he's getting big.

~rob said...

Hey Adia!

Yep. He's getting big and SMART! It's almost scary how fast they learn! "What the heck!"

Beth said...

I must comment on the things hanging on the wall above Nicky. I made them. That's it.

~rob said...

I meant to point that out...