Friday, May 9, 2008

ummm... -or- Untitled Post

I can't believe it! I'm using someone else's template for my blog. Considering that I went to school for graphic design, that's pathetic. I have a good excuse though.

My big computer died, so I'm limited to the applications installed on our laptop and my work laptop. That means no Photoshop, no Illustrator, no Dreamweaver. Maybe I'll be able to remotely log into one of the graphics stations at work this weekend and play around a little. (It's good to be the IT guy.)

Anyhow, today was a much better day at work. For the most part, everything was well paced and I had just enough time to get done what needed to be done. Well, other than actually moving into my new cube all the way. My method of unpacking and moving in has been reduced to digging through the boxes and putting stuff away until I find what I need to complete my immediate task. It's not the best way to unpack, but it's working so far.

I was taken out to lunch today as part of a celebration of a job well done. The marketing team was being thanked for their hard work. As an honorary member of the marketing team and the guy who supplied the computers for the visitors, "they couldn't have done it without me" (their words, not mine). We went to a little brewery down the street from the office. The food isn't bad, the beer's good (so I ...umm... hear), but the service is pretty slow. It's probably a cool place to go for dinner, but when you only have an hour for lunch, it makes lunch feel rushed.

Nick's spending the night with his cousins at Aunt Melissa and Uncle Rob's house. Beth said that he had a great time with his cousins today and played hard. I love hearing that. I miss him though. Our little apartment seems so empty without him here.

All in all, today was a pretty good day.

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