Thursday, May 22, 2008

The opening of a new horizon?

When I was being interviewed for my current job, one of the things that I was asked was if I'd be interested in the possibility of moving to the Salt Lake City area, if the oppertunity became available. Beth and I had been talking about moving out of the Bay Area for a while, if no nothing more than the oppertunity to check out a new place. (Well, that and if we ever decided to buy a house instead of renting apartments for the rest of our lives, we have no other real option.)

Yesterday was the big day. HNTB went head-to-head with another company that is well known to the Utah DOT for the I-15 improvement project and won.

If all goes according to the plans that were in place back in February, we will be splitting the West Division and creating a Mountain Division. The new Mountain Division will be needing an IT support structure and I should be in line to transfer.

So what does this all mean if it works out for me to transfer?

The first thing that comes to mind is the Grandmothers... "Hey Grandma/Grammie, we're moving...out of state." I'm not looking forward to that. I think that the worst part though is how I'll feel denying Nick of his near daily visits with his grandparents. My parents moved out to California following where the Navy took my Dad. I never was able to develop a close relationship with my grandparents or the rest of my extended family. I learned more about my grandparents at their funerals than I ever knew about them before. That's not something that I want for my son. Fortunately, we won't be nearly as far away and it'll give my parents a good excuse to put some miles on their RV.

Secondly, snow. Growing up in the Bay Area, I've not really experienced snow. I've never been stuck in it. I've never been snowed in. I've never licked a doorknob in December and gotten my tongue stuck to it. If we move, we'll have the chance to experience all of this and more (tongue/doorknob combination included, I'm sure). I'll have the second White Christmas that I've ever had. The first doesn't really count though, since it was before I was six years old and all I remember is the noisy lights-and-siren fire truck and lights-and-siren fire helmet from my Uncle Phil that I loved (and so did my parents, I'm sure!). I can't wait to see Nick in the snow!

Also very important: A drop in the cost of living altogether. I understand that if you live outside of the Bay Area, it's possible to survive without both parents working full time. Even better, my pay rate won't drop. Things are starting to look really good from my vantage point.

I've been working on this post over the last 4+hours, sneaking in bits and pieces in between work. If it seems scattered, that's why.

One last thing before I post:

I've decided that I'm going to start posting my fotrune cookie fortunes each time I get them. Why? Because they amuse me and because it's my blog. Also, refer to my first post.

My office is right on the edge of China Town, and Lucky & Lucky makes a delicious Sesame Chicken lunch combo for only $5.00, so the posts will be frequent. While I don't base my life altering decisions (or any other, for that matter) on the wisdom imprinted on a little slip of paper baked into a cookie, I do find that their broad statements can be applied often. (Remember the telephone psychic Miss Cleo and her fakin' Jamaican accent?)

Today was Panda Espress across the street in City Center: "You will soon have the oppertunity to improve your finances."



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