Saturday, May 3, 2008

Curry? Blech! ...but wait a minute here. What's this?

I had one of those life altering moments this evening. It went like this:

We were invited to an annual cook-off/taste-test at a friend's church. If you know me, you'll know I'll try almost anything (edible) once. The idea is that everybody had a ballot and got to vote on their favorite items from each course.

When it was our table's turn to sample the salads, I wasn't looking forward to trying "Mom's Curry Chicken Salad." I've been scarred by curry in the past. Not by the taste. I'd never even tried it. It was the smell. One of the girls that I used to work with ate curry-something-or-other for lunch every day, and the smell was so strong it saturated that half of the office for half the day. "Never," I told myself. "I'd rather starve."

Why'd that change tonight? I have no clue. None.

The other two salads weren't all that appealing either, but I was there to eat and darn it, I'd paid my five bucks and it was only a little taste-sized cup. What could go wrong?

After trying the green goop and the peas-and-stuff salads, it was time for the curry. It didn't look all that threatening and didn't reek...

It was delicious! Who would have guessed? (Probably a lot of you, yes, but not me.)

So there. My life has changed. My horizons have been broadened. I even asked for the recipe.

Thank you Lori.

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